High-performance Servo System
Intelligent Integrated Electrical Cabinets
CNC Spring machine, also called computer spring machine, is equipped with a computer system and instruction programming. It is fully controlled by the computer system through programming, and is widely used in modern industrial production due to low labor costs, high stability, high precision, and less manpower involvement. At present, CNC spring machines on the market are mostly configured with a high-priced servo control system of a Japanese brand. Along with increasingly complex international political situation and fierce market competition, it is imperative to develop highly cost-effective domestic servo control systems as alternatives.
Robot palletizer, a kind of robot for humanoid operations, automated control, energy conservation and environmental protection, can be utilized for the stacking of different types of materials. A robot palletizer consists of the mechanical body, servo drive system, arm, end effector and its posture control mechanism and testing structure. As one of the core components for the robot palletizer, the servo control system provides most of the power, and a highly cost-effective servo control system decides the reliability and stability of the robot palletizer.
Laser processing refers to the gasification, melting or vigorous oxidation of materials by means of heating effects of high energy density laser beams, which is featured by high cutting accuracy, fast speed, and great prospects. Laser processing is highly flexible, and is mainly used for cutting, surface treatment, marking and punching, etc.
CNC Machining Center has strong machining capabilities, and boasts automated tool switching device and tool library. Multiple machining tasks can be finished once the workpiece is clamped, offering high machining precision. For bulk workpieces with middle machining complexity, its efficiency is 5-10 times of that of ordinary device. It is highly suitable for the machining of single workpieces with complicated shape and high prevision or the production of workpieces in small and middle volumes.
The plate bending machine is a kind of equipment that can bend the sheet metal. Presently, hydraulic and CNC bending machines are widely used in the market. The hydraulic bending machine is more widely used for its price advantage. However, it has poor machining accuracy, low efficiency and high level of power consumption. The CNC bending machine technically solves forementioned problems existing in hydraulic bending machines. It adopts the servo system to accurately control the motion of the bending machine, realizing quicker processing and higher efficiency. However, it has higher one-time procurement costs, which restricts its wide application in the market.
Drilling and tapping center is a machine tool for metal cutting, which is often designed with machining processes like milling, drilling and tapping. The machine took occupies a small space, and its machining travel and milling load are less than traditional vertical machining center. At present, drilling and tapping center is mainly applied in 3C and new energy field, and the machining materials are mostly aluminum.
Plasma cutting is a processing method using heat of the high-temperature plasma arc to melt or locally melt(and evaporate) the metal at the incision of the workpiece and using the momentum of the high-speed plasma to remove the molten metal to form an incision. Multiplaz 3500, a traditional plasma product, includes a plasma torch and cabinet with the total weight of 9 kgs. It is widely used in various industries like the automobile, haulage motor, pressure vessel, chemical machinery, nuclear, general machinery, engineering machinery and steel work industry.