Duanhui Control Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. is a total solution supplier in high-performance servo system and intelligent integrated electrical cabinets, whose solutions have been widely applied in high-end machine tools, precision lasers, precision printing, bending, spring, military and other manufacturing industries.

Driven by the mission of “becoming a technical leader in the electric automation field”, the Company has pooled an elite R&D team composed by enthusiastic young and middle-aged PhDs and masters and senior experienced engineers to build a forward-looking product R&D and technical support platform and to constantly innovate and lead the market. At present, we have secured more than 10 patent licenses; Duanhui Servo System, one of our fist products, is a typical high-performance servo system in China, as well as the only domestic servo system supplied to middle and high-end CNC machine tools.

The Company has set up a complete set of quality management system incorporating product R&D management, production and manufacturing, and supply chain management, and passed the certification of GB/T 19001-2016 ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), and GJB 9001C-2017 (Weapons and Equipment Quality Management System). It contributes to the transition from “Made in China” to “Intelligent Manufacturing in China” by constantly improving quality assurance system, ensuring stable product quality, delivering satisfactory products and services, and providing well-designed industrial automation solutions.


  • Industry Promoter

    Promoting industrial development and upgrading via world-class motion control technology system
  • Persistent Innovator

    Paying close attention to the latest technical iterations in the industrial automation field
  • Like-minded Partner

    Growing together with customers and insisting on friendly cooperation through best quality and services.
  • Resolute Industrial Solution Provider

    Offering full-life cycle industrial services and achieving integration of automation control technologies in all aspects.


  • Quality Policy

    • “Leading technology, pursuit of excellence, customer paramountcy, and enterprising spirt”

  • Quality Goals

    1. First acceptance rate ≧ 95%, with an annual growth of 0.2%;

    2. Customer satisfaction rate ≥ 95%, with an annual growth of 0.5%;

    3. Contract fulfillment rate = 100%.


  • 2019

    The Company was founded, and raised tens of millions of angle round in the following year.

  • 2020

    • Nanjing Intelligent Manufacturing and Production Base was put into operation

  • 2020

    Our servo systems became industry models in laser, machine tools, springs, bending, printing, engineering machinery, wind power generation, military and other fields, and integrated electrical cabinets were set as an example in the plasma industry


The Company gathers high-end talents with years of experience in R&D, production, marketing, and service in the automation control field, and boasts the most motivated and R&D team, the most professional supply chain team, and a marketing and service team with more than ten years of sales experience.

After more than ten years of hard work, the R&D team, encouraged by the national policy of independent innovation, finally broke through the foreign technical barriers, independently developed and mastered the high-performance vector control technology, forming the core advantage of enterprise development.

Design and Development Capabilities

All R&D members have worked for China’s renowned R&D institutions or companies for more than ten years as designers and developers, so they’re adept in core electrical automation control technologies, and have cultivated strong R&D and onsite problem-solving abilities. They’re able to customize system-wide automation solutions in different application scenarios.

The R&D center, set up by the Company in Shanghai, is equipped with complete professional testing and experimental environment in the electric drive field, as well as full-process and all-weather testing and experimental capabilities in the servo drive field.

Supply Chain Management and Production and Delivery Capabilities

After years of practice, our supply chain management team has gained the supply sources of a wide range of products, and powerful supplier management and resources integration abilities, as evidenced by several successful cases. We have established a complete supply chain management system. In 2020, the production base in Nanjing has been officially put into use. Therefore, we’re empowered by complete production, testing and full-process quality control capabilities.

Marketing and Service Capabilities

We have secured key accounts and core channels in high-end equipment including machine tools, robots, laser, and automation, and organized a strong technical sales team, who are able to provide all-round technical consultations to the clients while selling products and delivering services. Thus, they’re provided with accurate and timely solutions, satisfying individualized needs in different industries.



    Technology ushers in independent alternatives intelligently manufactured in China


    Innovative, professional, focused, transcending

  • Enterprise Vision

    • Become in a technical leader in automation