Key components of mechanical and electrical equipment: the role of waterproof aviation plug in servo motor
2021-06-24 20:54:51

In an automated control system, there is a very important component, which acts as a link to convert electrical signals into actions.

It's a servo motor.

Servo motor


01、Servo motor is widely used in all walks of life

In the automatic control system, the servo motor is the executive component. It can receive the electrical signal into the motor shaft of the torque and speed, in order to drive the control of the object movement, can control the speed, position accuracy is very accurate, is widely used in many industries in the automation equipment.

Such as machinery industry, printing industry, medical industry, food industry, textile industry, elevator industry, robot, laser equipment and other industries, are servo motor radiation to the application field. Relying on the servo motor, the equipment can achieve precise action, high-precision processing, high efficiency, high reliability and other technical requirements.


02、High reliability connector: power servo motor precise action

Servo motor refers to the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in the servo system. It is a kind of indirect speed change device for auxiliary motor. Servo motor mainly relies on pulse to position, when receiving a pulse current, it will rotate the corresponding Angle of a pulse accordingly, so as to achieve precise rotation. In addition, it also has an encoder, for real-time calibration and adjustment, so that the servo motor can perform the action of high precision.

Application of Waterproof Connector in Servo Motor

As one of the most important component roles in industrial and automation applications, servo motors also use industrial connectors. In the power supply of the servo motor, it is used to connect the power supply and the brake of the servo motor, so as to realize the electric energy input in the normal operation of the motor. Pulse signal input motor controller, can use signal connector.


03、Linke interconnection scheme and products: servo motor preferred

LP12-3 core or 4-core products can be used for power supply and servo motor brake power connection; 5 core /7 core of LP12 or LP16-RJ45 can be used for signal connector of servo motor.

LP12 series waterproof connectors
RJ45 aviation plug

Linke Servo-motor Interconnection Scheme and Products (Part)

1、Anti-vibration, no looseningServo motor itself is the output of torque and speed, vibration is normal, plus the equipment itself in the power plant vibration superposition, vibration prevention is a rigid demand. The industrial connectors of Linco Electric adopt the spring button type locking connection, which is quick to install and firm to connect, and can still be as solid as a rock under high frequency vibration.

2、Waterproof, oil proof and corrosion proofServo motor is mostly used in industrial scenes, and it has strict requirements on waterproof, oil and corrosion prevention. For example, precision machine tools will use chip fluid, lubricating oil and so on, so the possibility of invasion by water, oil, liquid and so on is very high. Linke electrical waterproof connector, IP67 protection class, corrosion resistant alloy or PBT polymer material, not afraid of water, industrial corrosion environment challenges.

High protection level, no fear of industrial environment challenges

3、Excellent signal transmission capabilityHigh frequency pulse signal requires high signal transmission and anti-jamming capability. Connectors of Linco Electric adopt imported high-quality contact parts and supporting wire with high conductivity, which can transmit super fast without delay. Electronic equipment, especially large or complex equipment, electromagnetic signals, Lingke electrical connector, do anti-electromagnetic interference structure processing, effectively guarantee the purity and fidelity of the signal.

4、Connector miniaturizationLinco electric M12 type circular waterproof connector, more lightweight, miniaturization, especially for sophisticated small equipment, equipment to “ Shrink the waistline. , & other; You have to slim down. To do this, the components must be small, and the layout must be compact. Linco's M12 waterproof connectors, with a miniaturized appearance, provide more usable space around the motor, freeing up more wiring space, improving equipment performance and giving more room for innovation to the user's designers.


04、High performance, light weight and customization: intelligent and automatic service

Whenever the power source is involved, and the equipment with rigid requirements such as precision, efficiency and reliability, will be used to the servo motor. As an executive component in the whole control system, whether it can efficiently execute system instructions, in addition to its own product quality, peripheral components are also a key factor. As the key peripheral components of the servo motor, whether the connector can adapt to the service conditions of the industrial environment and the technical indicators of the motor is also a key factor.

Lenk electric, in view of the current servo motor connector on high performance, miniaturization, light-duty and customization demands, by optimizing the product structure design and develop product series, as well as customized service system, efficient and high quality can fully meet all walks of life intelligent equipment, automation equipment and other hardware equipment of the appeals of the waterproof connector. Serving intelligent and automatic equipment and promoting the dream of national manufacturing power is always the surging power in Lingke Electric's heart, and it is also the enterprise responsibility that Lingke has been practicing.